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Explore the dark hidden corners of your mind, trying to answer a question that has plagued your psyche since you were left on your own. "Why?"

Gameplay consists of navigating pitch black labyrinths and obstacles through the use of a light-shooting gun. Text is scattered and hidden about the levels, illuminating the past with cryptic hints. Try to find them all and understand what happened!

Made for KSU Gamejam Fall 2018

Post-Gamejam Patch: Video quality settings, Pause Menu,  Level Select, Quit Game, Minor Text/Narrative Edits

Ryan Edward Kerul-





Sean Sackmann-


3-D Art

Install instructions

Thank you so much for downloading my game! I really hope you enjoy it. Its running on Unreal 4, so just unzip the file and run the executable. Good luck, and I hope you find all the answers you're looking for!


enLightenRecallPatch.zip 469 MB

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